Saying Hello to Hashnode 👋

Saying Hello to Hashnode 👋

Moving Self Hosted blog to Hashnode.

For almost two years now, I have been hosting my writings on a self-hosted blog. I crosspost all my writings to Medium but the big problem is that I cannot monetize it since the Medium Partner program is not available in India. Also, the audience on Medium is too diverse and my focus area is programming. I wanted to join a platform that has more people from the developer community and also allows me to monetize the content. So, I decided to give Hashnode a try.

The first thing I did was made a quick google search and looked for the pros and cons of using Hashnode as compared to the other platforms like Medium,

After clearing my doubts, I am excited to be on this platform.

I am pretty happy with the current setup so far. My portfolio website is separated from the blog. I have designed my portfolio in Jekyll and hosted it on Netlify. I write for various publications like RavSam, CSS Tricks, Vonage, ATA, and more. So, in the coming days, I would be working on a system to fetch my writings on these blogs and automatically create a blog on Hashnode using Hashnode API.

In case you are interested to know who I am and what I do, here's a brief introduction.

I am a Full Stack Developer and Technical Content Writer based in India 🇮🇳. I run my one-man Digital Product Development agency, RavSam, via which I provide my freelance services to startups and businesses around the globe. I have written blogs for CSS Tricks, Vonage, ATA, and recently for Twilio. I am currently pursuing my Master in Computer Science and Engineering at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering and will be post-graduating in 2022. I am a fan of Jamstack and like to work with React, Vue, Flutter, Laravel, Node, Strapi, and Python.

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Thanks for reading 💜

P.S.: If you are a developer, then having a blog can change your life. Writing out things that other people love to read can bring you opportunities to work with some of the best startups and companies in the world. You can start your writing journey by creating a blog on Hashnode and even monetize the content.

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Ravgeet, Full Stack Developer and Technical Content Writer

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